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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Blog Name Has Changed

BEEJAY'S STUDIO NOW KNOWN AS SLEEPY CAT CRAFTS ~ If you got here by clicking a link somewhere, maybe another blog or maybe you were following my blog, you may have noticed a weird delay before this blog loaded. That is because, after much consideration and research, I have decided to change my blog name to match my soon to be etsy store and website name of Sleepy Cat Crafts. In order to not lose any followers or links to my blog that may have been out there, I needed to snap up my old blog name and add a redirect so that traffic ended up here. Unfortunately there is no real good way to do that - hence the weird delay. Bottom line though, is that this is my same old blog, just with a new name. And I am still beejay, just now of http://www.sleepycatcrafts.blogspot.com/.

By the way, when I started making items to sell, I proclaimed my crafting studio to be a cat free zone. And it has been a constant battle since then to keep sneaky cats that were on the prowl for loose ribbons and strips of paper which apparently are crazy fun to play with, out of the cat free zone. Having said all that, see the picture below of what is now a  constant fixture in my studio - or on my desk if I am at the computer - yes I had to make 2 identical cushy beds. And now you know the story behind Sleepy Cat Crafts.


Tambo said...

This is so funny.I go every Sunday to my BFFs to quilt. She rescued a cat from someone who abandoned the cat in a house when they moved out. He was in there for 2 weeks and a mess. She took him to the vet and cleaned him up. She tried to find him a home, because she already had 2 cats. However, she ended up keeping him. His name is Toby. What made me tell you this story is your cat in the basket. I have a picture of him in my sewing bag. He always has to pull my material off the table, try to take my thread, and sleep right behind our machines on the table. We aren't making anything to sell, just quilts for friends and family (always washed before given away). his name is Toby and he is a wonderful cat. Not sure why they didn't take him. I tell him, get in the box and he climbs in the paper box lid. So funny. I love the color of your cat. It is my favorite cat color. I had an orange tabby, but he got into someone's anti-freeze and died 9 months later. Very sad.

I like your new name.

beejay said...

Tambo - thanks so much for these comments! It is nice to hear something positive when you have done something you are unsure about. I love your story about your friend's cat, my cat in the picture (Tigger) was a rescue from a shelter, my other cat Pilgrim is solid black and was rescued from the highway on Thanksgiving day - hence the name. How sad that somebody would move away and leave a helpless animal - I will never understand that. Tigger tries to lay down next to me on any empty space on my desk, even it the space is no more than a fraction of his size, but then I tell him to get in his basket and he does, just like Toby! Thanks again for stopping by and leaving this comment, you made my night!

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